Safespace Policy

As a new organisation we are aware there may be times when we experience different scenarios and we want to ensure all who attend our events are in as safe an environment as possible. However we cannot guarantee everyone’s behaviour and therefore have outlined a list of possible scenarios which are not exhaustive.

Please remember our management, teachers and volunteers are here to help all those attending our event and if anyone needs assistance we can provide support. 

Door volunteers and teachers please inform one of the management team of any incident. Please do not leave unattended any takings or the card machine.

A person or persons causing disturbances

Be aware someone may see an event and come in to see what is happening. Usually this is just want to watch because they are interested in what is going on. It is good to explain to anyone interested what we offer and they are welcome to stay and watch.

However, there may be times when someone starts to cause a disturbance which could be due to someone being drunk or on drugs. For these situations please politely ask them to leave, if they will not please call the police. Be aware some medical episodes or conditions can make someone appear as if they are drunk. Ensure those involved are not suffering a medical episode and may need urgent medical help. It is important to always make sure you are safe and do not put yourself in any danger when dealing any such incidents.  

Should an argument occur it is likely this will impact others attending an event or lesson. Please ask those involved to take their conversation/argument outside to resolve between themselves.

If the argument has descended into a physical fight do not put yourself in any danger to resolve the fight and do not try to get between those fighting. From a distance ask them to stop and if they do not please call the police. All such incidences should always be reported to the police and if you know the names of those informed please note this down and report the incident to a member of the team.


If you see a theft please be careful if approaching anyone potentially stealing and ask others to help – do not approach them alone. If you know the victim please ask them to verify if the item(s) belong to them. If it is possible to retrieve the stolen items without putting yourself or others in danger, please return the items and where possible note the name of the person stealing. Beware, do not try to restrain the person stealing. Call the Police and report the incident to management. Contact Rebecca and please confirm with the victim that the item belongs to them.

Injury and/or Accidents

Accidents can happen at any time. If an accident does occur and you or someone else present has undertaken first aid training, please do what you can to help the person or persons concerned.

If this isn\’t a minor accident and outside the comfort level of those present, do not hesitate to call an ambulance and follow whatever guidance they provide. Make sure someone stays with those injured and ensure they are provided with space and privacy where possible. 

If the incident is of a serious nature and/or occurs on the dancefloor, no matter the circumstances please ensure the names of those involved are taken and contact one of management team.

Should someone sustain an injury such as a twisted ankle or injuries to feet or legs, please suggest that person should elevate the injured foot leg/ankle, advise them to use an ice pack for the first 24 hours and ensure they are able to get home. They should be advised that they may need to call 111 or attend a minor injuries unit to have an x-ray if they are concerned the injury is more than a soft tissue injury. 

If someone reports a sexual assault to you.

It is important to provide a quiet place for the complainant to talk to you in confidence and out of the earshot of others. They should be offered the chance to bring someone with them if they would feel more comfortable to do so.

Good listening skills with your fully and uninterrupted attention are imperative, let them speak and tell you everything that happened in their own time without interruptions, this may be a very difficult event to speak about so be patient and gentle with how you handle the conversation. Do not push them to describe what they may not be able to do so at that time. They may not wish to fully describe what happened and this is fine. They are not obliged to do so. They may not want others around them and wish to be by themselves in which case do ask if they want someone else such as friend to stay with them. 

You need to seek gently from them what they want to do and they decide if they wish to go home to someone they trust. If that is the case, make sure you provide them with funds to call a cab. If there is Sunshine Swing cash from entry fees on site please do provide them with some money. Alternatively if you provide the funds directly you will be refunded.  

If they decide to stay but are feeling uncomfortable for the person they have accused of an event it will be necessary to take the accused aside quietly to explain they are being asked to leave as another person has made a complaint against them. Ensure you are in a safe space yourself when you undertake that conversation where you can be seen by others.  

At this point it is important the accused understands no one is making any judgements against them. However an investigation will need to take place and they are politely asked to leave and not to attend future Sunshine Swing events until the issue is resolved. Please ensure someone escorts them to collect their belongings and that they are kept away from the complainant.

Remember the accused must be given the chance to explain what they believe has occurred and to be treated fairly, please give them Rebecca’s personal email address so that they have the contact details to reach out to and to ensure they are provided with a fair process.

Once the accused has left please inform the complainant and provide them with whatever help they need to help them.

Once the investigation and any actions have been taken, it is important for Sunshine Swing to look at any such incidents. A Significant Event Analysis incident form should be completed too to establish if there was anything that could have been done to prevent the situation and to take on board any learning event.

Any incidents do need to be fully reported to Rebecca as soon as practically possible. This can initially be by phone followed up with an email report providing information. The report will include the following:-

  • Date of Incident
  • Time of incident or approximate time
  • The name and contact details of the complainant
  • The name and contact details of the accused
  • The name and contact details of any witnesses to the incident
  • As much detail as possible on what happened
  • Who the incident was first reported to
  • Who was involved with ensuring the complainant was provided with assistance
  • Who was involved in informing the accused with information a complaint was made against them
  • Any other relevant information not covered by the above

It is very important to be aware that whenever an incident occurs it can be those involved and have unconscious bias. Therefore, please only record the facts on what happened and do not add in any opinions this is to ensure there is a fair and robust process in place.

Contact details:

For all cases above, please contact Rebecca.

Phone: 07956177868